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Passive Fire Protection and Fire Safety

Fire doors are an essential part of a building’s passive fire protection, ensuring that the building is compartmentalised and helping to prevent the fire from spreading, allowing any occupants time to escape and in some cases for the fire services to put out the fire before it does too much damage.

Fire doors act as any other door in normal service, but in a fire they take on a critical role of keeping the fire one area, which can save lives and protect property.

How do you know if your fire doors are safe and doing their job properly?

Most responsible property owners make sure that a fire risk assessment is carried out regularly on their property.   You can appoint a competent person* to do the actual fire risk assessment, but you are still responsible in law for the fire safety in your building.

Have you got a well trained, knowledgeable fire door assessor?

How confident are you or your fire safety appointee is checking the fire doors and all the components fitted to your fire doors in the building? Do you know what to look for, or what to do if the fire doors or any of their components require maintenance?  We can provide qualified professional fire door inspectors to make sure that your doors are fully up to standard and offer the very best passive fire protection. It does no harm to check every now and then that your appointed competent person* is doing a great job and that your fire doors are doing their job.

Fire door installation courses for your staff

We also offer a range of fire door installation and health and safety training courses to help keep your staff's passive fire protection knowledge and skills up to date.

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Qualified FDIS Certificated Inspectors

Our staff are qualified in their fields of work and are Certificated Inspectors under the Fire Door Inspection Scheme. We are able to carry out a full inspection of all fire doors and fire escape doors (final exit doors) as well as all door components.

On completion of the inspection we will furnish you with a full, easy to read report outlining any defects found to either the door or its components along with photographic imagery. The report will also outline any measures required on your part to bring the doors in line with current legislation and allow you to show compliance as well as enhance your fire risk assessment.

In addition to Fire Door Inspection Scheme certified inspections we can offer a range of Health & Safety services that will allow your company to ensure compliance with the current raft of Health & Safety Legislation. The following are but a few of the services on offer:

Health & Safety guidance to enable accreditation for the following:

  • Constructionline
  • Safecontractor
  • CHAS
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