Fire door compliance – what it really means!

A recent article by Neil Ashdown MAFDI, FSIDip and chair of the Affiliation of Fire Door Inspectors attempts to clarify fire door compliance. In light of the tragedy of Grenfell Tower in 2017 resulting in seventy-two people losing their lives, fire safety in buildings has become far more important, more so than seen before in…

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New fire door regulations from 18th May 2022

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The following are extracts taken from HM Government fact sheet on Fire Doors (Regulation 10) Published 18 May 2022 and govern new fire door regulations coming into use the building owners and managers need to be aware off. Fire Safetey (England) Regulations of May 2022 The Fire Safety (England) Regulations of May 2022 will make…

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The Affiliation of Fire Door Inspectors

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What is the Affiliation of Fire Door Inspectors? The AFDI is a not-for-profit organisation set up to help promote best practices amongst professional fire door inspectors. The organisation’s aim is to help fire door inspectors provide the best possible inspection service for those responsible for fire safety in buildings. In what way does the AFDI…

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