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Fire door Safety Inspections - what you need to know

Why do we need Fire Door Inspections?

Fire door inspections are essential to ensure that your fire doors are in good condition and doing the job they’re meant to and helping passive fire protection in your building.  There are now strict laws covering fire doors and fire safety in buildings of multiple occupation or buildings used by the public and building owners need to adhere to these.

It’s not enough to fit fire doors and then leave them, they need to be inspected regularly to ensure that there are no problems and that, most importantly, they were installed properly in the first place.

What Are Fire Doors?

A fire door is the first line of defence between you and a fire. These doors are made of and include, vital components that work together to save lives and to keep a fire in once place for as long as possible. Fire doors can literally save lives so they need to be installed properly.

Fire door legislation is strict for good reasons

These doors must be able to withstand extremely hot temperatures. They have a secondary role to prevent smoke from escaping into other parts of the building and have special features designed for maximum fire safety.

For buildings, the Regulatory Reform Order 2005 for fire safety (FSO) has replaced over 60 previous laws for fire safety in the UK, and the order was placed into law in 2006.

Fire door specifications and installation

The specifications of a fire door are as important as the installation and the latter should only be completed by a skilled and knowledgeable professional, who is thoroughly trained on how to install these doors and understands the importance of making sure the installation is done right the first time. Any fire doors that are not installed correctly and/or with the wrong components will have an invalid certification. They will a fire hazard instead of a deterrent.

What’s important when installing a fire door

  • The person fitting the fire door should be competent and trained in proper fire door installation
  • Essential Ironmongery must be CE marked
  • Frames, seals, lining and casing should all be compatible
  • All instructions for a proper installation are followed
  • Building Regulations must be followed
  • All gaps between the door and the frame should be no larger than 4 mm, and the threshold gap should meet specifications set by the manufacturer
  • Fire doors need to be inspected regularly to ensure that they are installed property and are in good condition and meet fire door regulations.

Buildings in breach of fire door safety can be shut down and violators can be prosecuted and imprisoned when there is a severe breach.

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Do fire doors need regular maintenance and inspections?

Just as any other product that has been designed to save lives, fire doors need to be inspected often to ensure they’re functioning properly. They should be inspected just as a smoke detector or fire alarm is regularly checked.  If there is any alteration to a fire door, it can affect the performance of the door and so it should be inspected if changes are made.

What Is the Fire Door Inspection Scheme?

The fire door inspection scheme was founded in 2012, and it began as a collaboration between the Guild of Architectural Ironmongers and the British Woodworking Federation. The goal of this venture was to help the public better understand what fire doors are, how they operate and the consequences if they are not installed correctly and regularly maintained.

The organisation also acts as a resource for the ‘responsible person’ to aid them in performing fire risk assessments.

Fire door inspection service

Fire doors serve a much greater purpose than normal doors because they prevent the spread of smoke and fire in a building and they need to be inspected regularly

We offer a full professional fire door inspection service so contact us today for a professional fire door inspection survey.  We can make sure all the fire doors in the business are compliant!

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